Free Wizard101 Crown Generator 2017 Edition – Online Generator

“Newest working Wizard101 Generator”

Wizard101 Crown Generator

“Coder99’s latest update”

Coder99 just finished programming his latest generator which works like a charm now. The good old Wizard101 Crown Generator works like charm again for you guys. Also older versions have been updated up to date so they are all working like charm again. We have made a new systems so now we have a 100% success rate to generate Free Wizard101 Crowns for all of you guys. This can all be found from this link Wizard101 Crown Generator .

Some new features:

There is 3 servers to choose from which use to generate a crowns from database so your IP will not be seen. This is very good, like a proxy. Also it now only takes about 1-2 minutes to complete depending on the amount of crowns need to generated of course. I suggest generating like maximum of 10000 crowns at once so the servers will not be too overcrowded but if you need to generate more then go ahead, our servers can handle that easily. This is absolutely foolproof generator, the guy coder99 is straight genius. He have been doing this for long long time, since 2008 i think and he is a very good partner to us.

Facts and description about the game

This is very awesome and interesting game. You are a student of wizardy and get to be part alot of adventures. It is a turn based game. The only negative side is that people who are rich in real life have a advantage in the game. This generator was made to crush that advantage and let the people who do not want to spend their real money in a online game to play fairly with those who spend their real money to buy crowns with their real money. 

 This is the picture of the online generator that is free to use:
Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown Generator

As you can see it lets you choose how many crowns you would like to generate. You fill in your username, choose server to use. Now for a very important part is to choose if you would like to use proxy or not. I would suggest you to use proxy if you like, its like extra security, for not getting caught by wizard101. For them it shows that you have purchased them with money so it is all fine.



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