Wizard 101 Cheats – Cheats for Wizard101 2017

Wizard 101 Cheats – Cheats for Wizard101 2017

I would like to introduce you to Wizard 101 Cheats but first i will do quick brief about this game. Probaly you already know that Wizard 101 is a very massive MMORPG game which is based on the wizard school that wizard students attend. There are alot of very cool features that makes this game straight classic and very addictive. This has been my favourite game for a while now and i think that it will stay that way.

Wizard 101 Cheats

Wizard101 gameplay!

“I don’t like spending real money on virtual game”

As you can see from the picture the world of Wizard101 is very impressive and it has one of the best storylines to it. If you have just started playing this game i guess you have run to one major problem that is that you can not fully enjoy the gameplay because of the lack of crowns. Sure you might earn them in the hard way and then years later start enjoying all the perks of having alot but there are better ways to start enjoying the full gameplay right now in this moment. There is a way to buy Wizard101 Crowns for the real life currency but i do not see the point in that because i do not like spending real money on virtual game.

“Not many people know about this, but that is why this cheat is still working”

As you might already know that without crowns there is not much to do in the game because of the limited access. Also there is a monthly membership but that costs $10 and it is not very reasonable for youngings to spend that kind of money on a virtual game. But there is also a way around it to get some free crowns pretty easily. Not many people know about this but that is why this Wizard 101 Cheat is still working, lets try to keep it this way.

There is a way… Do Not Share With Many People!

At first when i was told about this so called cheat for wizard101 i could not believe that because all i had heard in the past have been all negative about all those so called cheats. But for some reason i decided to get more deep with that particular cheat. I started researching at first if that is safe to use and it turned out that it has been set so good that it is completely safe to use. I found this guy name Coder99 who likes to play this game also. He has developed a cheat that can generate free wizard101 crowns. Use this till it works and do not share with many people.

Wizard 101 Cheats – Click here!



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