Wizard101 Crown Generator – Wizard101 Cheats 2017

Find out how to get Free Wizard101 Crowns the easy way! Use this Wizard101 Crown Generator now!

Latest update: May 2017* You can use Proxy now to generate free Crowns!

Crowns generated today: 74121


Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown generator

Instructions (5 steps):
Step 1: Go to our online generator page!
Step 2: Fill out how many crowns you want to generate.
Step 3: Enter your username.
Step 4: Choose server you would like to generate them from.
Step 5: Click “Generate Crowns”. Wait 3-5 minutes and then check your account.

Wizard101 Crown Generator – the story how it all began!

Lately I’ve been searching for new games to play, due to boredom. That’s when a buddy of mines recommended a game called Wizard101. Now i heard of this game, but from what i heard it was a kids game. Nevertheless i had subscribed to Wizard101 in an attempt to quench my boredom. To my surprise it was pretty awesome. Although there are many games similar, I would have to say Wizard101 is in a league of its own.
After enjoying the game and ranking up  I had came faced with a wall, crowns. In wizard101 there is a currency called crowns as you should know, and without these crowns you are missing out on a HUGE portion of the game. Now i would purchase crowns but first i had to see if there was any way to obtain them for free. So i searched Youtube for wizard101 crown generator to come up with no good answers at all. Then by the time i was ready to purchase crowns hi jinks happened, disabling me to get them. At this point i really want them so i take my coding ability and decide to find an answer myself. It took me a few weeks to get finally get it, but after a few weeks i had created a way to get free wizard101 crowns.
With the wizard101 crown generator i was getting free crowns which led to free weapons,gold, mounts and more. I was pretty hype, and told my friend who refereed me to game about it. And gave him the bot as well. A year has passed since then and i have now stopped playing wizard101. Although i have stopped playing my bot hasn’t stopped working. So i thought i can offer it to you guys out there who really want crowns and can’t afford them, or simply don’t want to use money.
So here it is guys the Wizard101 crown generator.


 Wizard101 Crown Generator Free Wizard101 Crowns




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